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Find More Focus

Today’s modern world is undoubtedly full of distractions which prevent us from having a productive day.

Most of us believes that multitasking is better because we think we’re doing more. The truth is we’re just shifting focus back and forth which leads to working less effectively than if we’d focused on one thing at a time.

Chris Bailey, the author of The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy says that, “when you multitask, you are not being more productive – you just feel more emotionally satisfied from your work.”

It is not all that hard for you to stay focused and concentrated on whatever you want to do in the workplace or in your life in general.

There are many good tricks that you can use to become focused so you can fix up whatever you are trying to manage.

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Get Your Vision Back

Many people who search for success lack a couple things that are very important. One I want to cover in this post is the “lack of vision”.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 that with the lack of vision the people perish!

This is so true.  Of course we are not going to talk about getting your glasses checked or check to see if you need glasses.

Well, in away maybe that is not such a bad analogy to use either.

When one of my friend first needed glasses, he didn’t even realize how bad his vision really was until after he put his new glasses on and went outside. He noticed everything in a clearer detail than he had in a long time.

He never even knew what he was missing.  He told me that while driving home he noticed individual rocks in the gravel along the side of the road instead of just noticing the gravel.  Instead of just noticing the trees had leaves he now noticed the patterns of the leaves and even the birds that were in the trees.

He is now seeing things he didn’t even notice he was missing before his new glasses.

Maybe that is part of our problem.  We really have no vision or our vision is not focused or as clear as it should be.

Without vision, we cannot succeed in business and in life.

I think our description of the word vision shall be, “Being able to “see” a “clear picture” of your fulfilled goals in your mind. Not just seeing the gravel or the trees but able to see the finer details that make up the gravel and the trees.

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The Number 1 Mistake You Must Avoid When Starting an Online Business

As you know, having an online business is a must nowadays. There’s just no other alternative in promoting and selling your products or services online.

However, just because you have website, blog or social media account doesn’t mean that you’re going to find immediate success.

In today’s blog post, I will share what I think is the number 1 mistake entrepreneurs must avoid when starting an online business.

By knowing and understanding this mistake, you will have the power to avoid it and move forward with your online business.

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Personal Branding

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, trying to attract new opportunities, or even just want to take your current career to the next level, you need to focus your efforts on personal branding.

The business world is moving faster and faster. If you want to stay current and be recognized for what you bring to the table, you need to be reinventing yourself as a constant process. Continuous growth and learning should be a habit.

As a professional looking to take your career to the next level or an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business, you want people to know what you are interested in and capable of today. And that’s where personal branding comes in. You need to be deliberate about what messages you are sending out there for people to see.

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