Here are 3 Daily Habits Wealthy People Do That Poor People Don’t Do


One of the main differences between wealthy people and poor people are their habits. Our habits will determine our results in life so it is very important for us to study the habits of highly successful people.

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Based on a study by Thomas C. Corley involving 233 wealthy and 128 poor people, we can learn interesting habit differences between them.

Wealthy – defined as those earning at least Php 7.2 million per year ($160,000).

Poor – defined as those earning at least Php 1.35 million per year ($30,000).

Seeing those figures made me realize how poor I am for I only make under a million per year with my salary as a telecom engineer and my business profits combined. Well, I’m positive that won’t be my case for long. Learning habits of the wealthy will certainly bring you and me to greater heights and will lead us to the results that we want.

Habit #1. Maintain a to-do list.

  • 81% of the wealthy do this
  • Only 9% of the poor do this

These figures tell us a lot. Not all but most of the wealthy people maintain a to-do list. They know how to prioritize and they focus their attention and energy to accomplish what is on their list. Now, if you are one of the 9% of the poor that maintain a to-do list, congratulations! You’ve got a habit that will help you become wealthy one day. I will definitely start to maintain a to-do list! Lol.

Habit #2. Read 30+ minutes each day.

  • 88% of the wealthy do this
  • Only 2% of the poor do this

Wow! We can see a game changer here. There is a popular quotes that says, “Leaders are readers.” I couldn’t agree more to that. Because I believe that we must become a leader at least to ourselves. As a leader we must be a learner by reading a lot.

I also believe that wealthy people developed the habit of reading long before they become successful. I remember watching a documentary about Warren Buffet, he is one of the richest man in the world. He started not having a lot of money but he spent most of his time reading and learning about investments. Today he is the best investor of the 21st century.

I highly recommend you start the habit of reading at least 30 minutes everyday. But if you can’t do that, this next habit maybe a better starting point for you because it only requires you to listen.

Habit #3. Listen to audio books during commute.

  • 63% of the wealthy do this
  • Only 5% of the poor do this

I am proud to say that I am poor (not for long) but I am one of the 5% who listen to audio books almost every time I have a chance to do so. I literally turned my driving time into learning time since my work requires a lot of driving from one place to another. Every time I do activities that don’t require my ear, I listen to audio books or podcasts that educate or motivate me to do more and achieve more in life.

If you are not into reading physical books, listening to audio books is a better option for you. You can search some amazing podcasts on iTunes and listen to it for free. What I like to do is download podcast episodes into my tablet for me to be able to listen anywhere and anytime I want even when I have no mobile connection. You can also find audio books on youtube, download and convert it to audio using free tools available on the internet, save it to your smart phone or tablet and you’re good to go.

If you want to become one of the wealthy, you should develop habits that will eventually lead you to your desired results.

Are you ready to change your habits? 

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