Dream Bigger Dreams


“Great men and women are those who allow themselves to dream. Children are dreamers, they fantasize. Adults unfortunately shut down their dream factory. Your job is to begin to dream and fantasize.” – Brian Tracy

When I was a child, like most of us, I used to dream big dreams. When I was about 6, I told my parents I will buy them a big house when I grow up. Every time I see an airplane over the horizon, I used to say, “someday I will fly around the world”. When I was around 9 and we study about outer space in school, I dreamed of being an astronaut to explore the universe. At one point I fantasized of being a millionaire driving different cars, giving money to the poor, going to vacations, eating ice cream whenever I want, buying all the things I see only on tv and doing whatever I want in life.

When we were young, we dream a lot. We dream about crazy things. We see no limitations and reasons why we cannot achieve them. We fear nothing and we feel nothing can stop us from getting our dreams. But as we grow older, our dreams fade away right in front of us. We seem to realize that life is too complicated and our dreams are out of our reach. We somehow settle for less and not pursue our dreams anymore. 

As Bill Strickland says in Make the Impossible Possible:

“We’re told how complicated life is, told we can’t do this and we’re not smart enough or fast enough or talented enough to pursue that. And in hearing that – in responding to these words whose effect is to close doors and narrow our thinking – we make ourselves poor… in our imagination and in leading a meaningful life.”

Dream Bigger Dreams…

A couple of years ago, I realized that my life if going nowhere. I have no clear sense of direction. I realized that I have to set goals for me to achieve them. I can’t hit a target that isn’t there. I realized that for me to accomplish something different from what I have already accomplished, I have to do something different from what I’ve been doing all this time. I realized that I can still do more and achieve my goals. I won’t give up my childhood dreams just yet. The show is not yet over.

I’m glad I started to dream again and I will continue to do so! It gives me sense of direction and inspiration. I know that God has something more in store for me and my family. My best days are still ahead.dream-big-mini

How about you? Do you continue to dream? Don’t give up on your aspirations and goals just yet. Life is hard and complicated but as long as we are alive, we can change. And if we can change, we can definitely change our results.

Start dreaming again and make it happen. God has something more for you, believe me! Our God is so big so let’s dream bigger dreams today.

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