Get Your “Vision” Back

Get Your Vision Back

Many people who search for success lack a couple things that are very important. One I want to cover in this post is the “lack of vision”.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 that with the lack of vision the people perish!

This is so true.  Of course we are not going to talk about getting your glasses checked or check to see if you need glasses.

Well, in away maybe that is not such a bad analogy to use either.

When one of my friend first needed glasses, he didn’t even realize how bad his vision really was until after he put his new glasses on and went outside. He noticed everything in a clearer detail than he had in a long time.

He never even knew what he was missing.  He told me that while driving home he noticed individual rocks in the gravel along the side of the road instead of just noticing the gravel.  Instead of just noticing the trees had leaves he now noticed the patterns of the leaves and even the birds that were in the trees.

He is now seeing things he didn’t even notice he was missing before his new glasses.

Maybe that is part of our problem.  We really have no vision or our vision is not focused or as clear as it should be.

Without vision, we cannot succeed in business and in life.

I think our description of the word vision shall be, “Being able to “see” a “clear picture” of your fulfilled goals in your mind. Not just seeing the gravel or the trees but able to see the finer details that make up the gravel and the trees.

I also love flying in an airplane.  It gives the world we live in a whole new look. When you’re looking at the world from 20,000 feet up in the air you see a whole new vision in your mind. The higher up you go the larger the picture you can see of the world.  You are no longer focused on your little part of the world and the problems you face in your life.  You are able to see outside of what you face every day and you can begin to imagine something bigger in your mind.

I tend to enjoy putting together a puzzle with my daughter. If all you had was a bunch of pieces and you did not ever know what the picture was supposed to look like after you completed it, how difficult would it be in putting the puzzle together?  I know I would quit before I got very far due to frustration of not knowing what I was working towards and what it was supposed to look like when it was finished.

Our vision is like the box cover of the puzzle.  It helps us begin with the end in mind.

All successful business owners that I’ve known have vision.

Many people have had a vision that they could focus on and then lost sight of that vision.  If you lose sight of your vision, you begin to lose hope that you once had.

I look around at the lives of others and it sure is not a pretty picture.  Seems like everyone I see is sitting around thinking poor, poor me.  I remember those thoughts as well so I know how easy it is to get to that place in life.

One of the biggest problems I see that is holding people back in life is “victim mentality”.

We have let any vision of success just seem to fade away and now all we have left is this crazy victim mentality of poor lost me.

We do have a choice to make at this point.  Sure it may not have been our fault that we are in the position we are in right now but it is our choice to remain there.

Here is what needs to happen. We need to work on getting our visions back. Create a mental picture of yourself succeeding in life.  What does this picture look like?

Go ahead and dare to dream again.  Once you get that picture in your mind you keep it there and do not under any circumstance permit it to fade. Your mind will seek ways to begin to develop this picture.

Your mind always tries to complete what it pictures so never think of yourself as failing; never doubt the reality of that mental image you can see. You need to be always picturing ‘success’ no matter how bad things seem to be going on in your current state of your life.

If your vision is small the outcome will be small.  The size of your vision will have a tremendous effect on the size of the result.

Begin right now at this very moment to formulate that vision in your mind.  With everything going on in your life it may be a little cloudy at first but do your very best to see the life you want to live and then make it happen.

Question: I encourage you to create a vision of yourself succeeding in life. What do you see?

Writing down your vision gives you more clarity. Share it in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

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