Something To Thing About Before Spending Your Hard Earned Money


If you are an employee like me, you probably spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week to do the job that your company hired you to do. That means you gave up doing other things between 8am-5pm on weekdays in order to receive a salary every payday.

In short, we are trading our time and energy for money.

The salary we receive is actually an exchange for a portion of our life. We sacrifice our time and energy to earn that money. The sad thing is many people end up doing this for the rest of their lives not realizing that the money they spend represents the hours of their lives.

In practical terms…

Let’s say you are earning Php30,000 a month on your current job (that’s roughly around Php173 per hour). Every time you buy an item worth Php173, you know that it is equal to 1 hour of you life that you sacrificed to earn that money.

Suppose you will buy a bigger item worth Php50,000. Ask yourself, “Is this purchase worth the 289 hours of my life I gave up?

When we spend money, we really are spending our life.

In time[movie]…

It is the year 2169 and humanity had been genetically engineered to be born with a digital clock, bearing a year’s worth of time, on their forearm. At the age of 25 a person stops aging, but their clock begins counting down; when it reaches zero, that person “times out” and dies. Time has been turned into the universal¬†currency; one can give time for products or services, as well as transfer it to others.

Read the full movie plot in wikipedia:

In-Time1The 2011 movie “In Time”¬†starring Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake is very interesting because it actually presents time as the universal currency. In the movie, time is money and money is time.

They literally buy products and services by spending their time. For example, you can ride a bus by paying 2 hours of you life, buy a flower for 30 minutes of you life, a piece of cake for 45 minutes, etc.

In the same way, people earn by receiving additional time as salary for their work.


The Challenge…

The challenge for us is to spend with purpose – to always remember that the money we spend represents the portion of our lives.

Spend your money for things that bring joy to you and your family. You earned the money so you should spend it as you choose. I have stated my point and I hope it gives you another perspective.

So how are you spending your money? Do you spend with purpose? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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