How to Invest in Yourself and Become Successful

Invest_In_Yourself“Unless you invest in yourself, you will never succeed.” This is what I keep on reminding myself every time I am tempted to complain about my results.

Like many of us, I tend to look for instant gratification. I want instant results. It’s like expecting to see a fruit on a tree I just planted. I have to remind myself that I have to invest my time, energy and money for myself first before I gain more time, energy and money that I can enjoy. I have to continue to learn and grow to develop a habit to develop my character, a character that will lead me to success.

But what really is this, “Invest in Yourself” thing? To make things simple, let’s define first the word “invest”. When you invest, you expect more in return. That is the big difference with spending. When we spend money for example, that money is gone forever and it will not earn us any money. But when we invest, we expect that the investment will grow and will bring back more of it in the future.

In life, we can either spend or invest not only our money but also our time and energy. A good question to ask ourselves is, “am I spending or investing?” Are you investing even a portion of your time, energy and money for something more in return or you’re just spending it for nothing?

Let’s evaluate our habits and examine what are we doing right now. Are you spending more time on television than reading books? Are you spending your money or investing it for your personal development? Are you wasting your time surfing the internet all day? Are you spending quality time with your family and friends?

Here’s how I think we should invest in ourselves:

1. We should invest our time, energy and money for spiritual maturity. We should all remember that the purpose of life is to “Glorify God”. We can never live a successful and meaningful life here on earth if we forget our creator. Give time to worship the Lord. Use your energy to serve other people. Give 10% of your income to your church. I believe those things are your best investments for the Lord our God is capable of giving all the blessings back to you. Investing in God is investing in yourself.

2. Build healthy relationships. Invest your time with family members, treat them well. Be nice to your friends and meet new ones every once in a while. Your relationships are your wealth. Trust me, if you invest in your relationships, you actually invested a lot in yourself.

3. Commit yourself to life-long learning. Invest your time in learning new things. Read books that interest you. Don’t stop learning. The very best lessons in life are not taught in school so you have to take extra effort to learn more. Don’t expect your results to change if you don’t improve. Invest at least 3% of your income for personal development. Attend seminars, buy books, go to conferences, etc.¬†Associate with like minded people. Get around with positive, goal-oriented and highly achieving people. Invest in yourself. You will eventually earn more if you learn more.

4. Take good care of your physical health. If you are not healthy, you can’t enjoy life. You can only enjoy life and your success as long as you’re healthy. Take good care of yourself. Exercise regularly. If you invest your time, energy and money taking care of your health, you will definitely gain more time, energy and money that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

In conclusion, investing in ourselves is a must. It’s a requirement for success. Let me remind you that, “Unless you invest in yourself, you will never succeed”. Invest in yourself now because no one else will ever do it for you.

How are you investing in yourself? I love to hear from you. Please post your comments below.


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