Live Intentionally – You’ll End Up Where Your Habits Lead You


We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can always choose how we respond. We have the ability to control our thoughts which becomes our actions. Our actions becomes our habits. And our habits can tell so much about us and what we will become in the future. We will end up where our habits lead us.

In October alone, my wife and I joined a total of 5 running events. We ran 5 kilometers every single weekend as part of consecutive fun run events held in our city. We are not good runners but we know it’s a good way to stay physically fit while helping raise funds for select charity.


After the first 5km run we liked it very much so we decided to join the next 4 events. Now whenever possible we don’t miss any running events in our city. This is a good habit for us and for anyone who wants to stay physically fit and healthy.

We are what we repeatedly do.

A person eating too much and doing no exercise will eventually become overweight. His unhealthy habits will make him weak and sick. On the other hand, you know what will happen to a person with healthy habits.

We are creatures of habits. In fact, 90% of what we do everyday is based on habits. We sit on the same side of the couch. We sleep on the same side of the bed. We do the same routine every morning. We take the same road to work. We have habits even on the way we put on our clothes and how to brush our teeth.

Until we admit that our habits determine our future, we will not take necessary actions to drop our bad habits and develop good ones.

I like how F. Matthias Alexander stated it

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

If we want to change who and what we are, we must change our habits. If we want excellence, we must develop habits that move us towards it.

Live intentionally. Choose your habits.

Our habits either work for us or against us. It’s a good thing to reflect on ourselves and determine what habits are holding us back. What habits are helping us move towards our goal? What habits are making us ineffective? What habits do you need to become successful?

Be intentional. Choose the habits that will put you closer to success.

If you want better relationships, develop the habit of spending more quality time with your love ones. If you want to get out of debt, make a habit of saving and stop spending more than you earn. If you want better health, stop eating junk foods and start doing some exercise regularly.

To unlearn bad habits, don’t focus on not doing it. Instead you must replace it with a new habit.

Start living intentionally. Be willing to sacrifice to get the price. James Allen said, “We are anxious to change our circumstances, but we are unwilling to change ourselves.”

We must be willing to change ourselves. To change ourselves means to change our habits. We will always end up where our habits lead us.

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