The Number 1 Mistake You Must Avoid When Starting an Online Business

The Number 1 Mistake You Must Avoid When Starting an Online Business

As you know, having an online business is a must nowadays. There’s just no other alternative in promoting and selling your products or services online.

However, just because you have website, blog or social media account doesn’t mean that you’re going to find immediate success.

In today’s blog post, I will share what I think is the number 1 mistake entrepreneurs must avoid when starting an online business.

By knowing and understanding this mistake, you will have the power to avoid it and move forward with your online business.

The Perfection Trap – Waiting too long to launch

When you start blogging or podcasting to build an audience, it’s easy to get stuck on the content “hamster wheel” for months or years without ever offering something for sale.

There are a few reasons this happens. Some people are waiting for some magic audience size “1,000 subscribers” or maybe “10,000 visitors” or whatever your number might be.

Some people just can’t find the time to blog or podcast or make videos and to build a product at the same time. It’s tough.

Some people simply talk themselves out of creating a product because they’re afraid no one will buy it. They don’t want to fail after putting in so much time creating content.

Whatever the reason, this is a fatal trap. If you’re building a business, you need to address the biggest risk head on. The biggest risk you’ll face as a business is in creating something no one will pay for.

Plus, you need practice at building and launching products. Your first one might not be all that good. The sooner you put something out there, the closer you get to sustainable revenue.

perfectionism quote

New York Times Best Selling Author and a very successful online entrepreneur, Michael Hyatt says,

Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity and success. It costs us opportunities, even freedom. Click To Tweet

In one of his podcast episode, he shared how anyone can beat perfectionism with just three simple steps.

Here’s the podcast episode I am talking about. SEASON 4, EPISODE 11: ESCAPE PERFECTIONISM ONCE AND FOR ALL [PODCAST]

Perfection is your enemy. Until you bring out your product or service to the world, you’re not going to get results. You’re not going to make money. You’re not going to make an impact. You’re not going to grow.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to make mistakes and there will be bumps in the road. Instead of worrying about these potential failures and over-thinking your business, go get your product out there and make adjustments as needed.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you got something of value out of this.

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