Good Posture Increases Success


We all know that our body language affects how others see us, but what many people don’t know is it also changes how we see ourselves thereby affecting our chances for success. Scientific studies prove that good posture can affect specific hormone levels in our brain that help us feel confident and dominant like SUPERMAN.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy of Harvard University teaches how you can change the outcome of whatever you do by changing your posture for two minutes. She calls it “Power Posing”. Power posing is doing body positions that people naturally do when they are confident, feeling dominant, relaxed and excited. Humans express power and dominance by expanding, stretching out, taking space and opening up. When we are powerless we do the exact opposite. We close up, we wrap ourselves, we cross our arms, we make ourselves small.body-language-power-poses

Now, ┬ábased on experiments done about this, they found evidence that if you do “power posing” for two minutes it will increase the level of testosterone which is the hormone that is associated with confidence, power and dominance. I thought that testosterone is a male only hormone but women produce this hormone as well. Also, in the experiment, they found significant decrease on cortisol which is the stress hormone.


What Power Posing can do for you…

Next time you do a job interview, or speak to the public, next time you do something you are not comfortable doing, just maintain a good posture and do one of the high power pose shown in the picture above for two minutes. Find time to do this and you will feel the difference. Your testosterone level will go up and your cortisol will go down. Your body posture will affect your hormones and you will feel confident. Just like how smile affects your body, good posture has a great impact in your life as well.

Learn how to improve you posture and see positive results. Your life will be better because it will change how people see you. Power posing will boost your confidence which will take you closer to success.

“Our bodies change our minds… and our minds change our behavior… and our behaviors changes our outcome.”

Try a power pose and SHARE THE SCIENCE…

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