Why Saving Money is Not Enough To Achieve Your Dreams

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Are you saving enough money for you future? For most us, the more appropriate question is, Are we saving money at all? We all know we need to save money for many obvious reasons – emergency funds, college education, for a car, for a house, for vacations and trips, for retirement, etc. Simply put, we need to save money to live the lifestyle that we’ve always wanted.

Saving money is easier said than done. Let’s do a simple computation to make a reality check on how we are doing.

Suppose Juan dela Cruz is a professional and he works for a company. He is working for 5 years now and his income is P25,000/month. Juan is a dreamer. He has big dreams for his family. He works really hard everyday to get his dreams. He writes down his dreams and determine how much money he needs to get them. Here is how his list looks like:

House and lot……………………..P3,000,000

Nice Car (not so fancy)………….P1,000,000

Savings………………………………P3,000,000 (emergency funds, retirement, education…etc)


contemporary-modern-homeJuan needs a total of 7 million pesos to buy his dream house, his dream car and to have savings. Now, he knows exactly how much money he needs to save. But the problem is this, Juan is earning just enough money to provide for his family. Like an average employee, Juan really finds it so hard to save any money.


Let’s just assume to continue our computation…

Now, let’s say Juan can save P10,000/month (he will not eat, not get sick, no gadgets, no tv, no new clothes, no vacations, etc.) He has to sacrifice a lot just to save the money. I have talked to numerous working professionals and most of them admit that saving P10,000/month is next to impossible. I personally can’t save P10,000/month from my income alone as an engineer. How about you, can you save P10,000/month from your income right now?

But for the sake of computation, let’s assume that Juan is saving P10,000/mo. Then his savings as the years pass will look like this:

Savings in 1 year = P10,000/month x 12 mos = P120,000

Hmmm… Looks good. P120,000 in one year.

Savings in 10 years = P120,000/yr x 10yrs = P1,200,000

P1.2 million after 10 years? That’s it? Ok.

Savings in 20 years = P120,000/yr x 20 yrs = P2,400,000

Wait a minute, only P2.4 million after 20 long years? This is alarming.  20 years from now, money will depreciate in value due to inflation.

Savings in 40 years = P120,000/yr x 40 yrs = P4,800,000

steps-stressed-employeeWhat? Working hard and saving P10,000/mo for 40 years is not enough? Obviously it is way short of P7Million that Juan needs. And take note, let’s say that Juan is 28 yrs old now, so after 40 years he is 68 yrs old. Wow! Juan cannot go on like this. Saving money is not enough for him.


Reality kicks in…

In the sample computation above, we can easily see that an average employee like Juan cannot achieve his dreams by just doing what he’s been doing for the past few years. Most people cannot save P10,000/mo. In fact, most people spent their whole life working and not save any money for their future.

It is practical nowadays to have multiple streams of income. You have to explore other income opportunities like starting a business and investing.


Final thoughts…

Let’s all face reality and take action. Dream bigger dreams and use your full potential to achieve it. Do not settle for less, you can do more.  Ask this question to yourself, “Am I getting my dreams with what I’m doing right now?” If your answer is YES, then continue doing it. Never give up. You will eventually achieve your goals. But if your answer is No, then take action today. Do not delay. Do something that will get you closer to success.

There are many opportunities out there that you can explore. I personally can help you. I was once stuck in that situation too. Being an employee is not bad, in fact I am still an employee until now, but the difference is, I am working on other income source as well. I learned that having a business will get me closer to my goals. Read my post on how the rich become rich and how you can too.

I can share to you how to start a profitable business even without experience and with very little money. The best part is you can do this part time without quitting your regular job. If you are serious in getting your dreams, you’ve got to take a look at this. This might change your life. You can click here to contact me and tell me that you want to know more about my business. You can also connect with me on facebook. Let’s keep in touch.

Question: Have you computed how much money would you need in order to live the exact lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? What are you doing about it? Share your story with us, leave comment below.

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