“Super Power” to Predict Your Future


In the 80’s science fiction movie trilogy “Back To The Future”, Marty McFly and his friend Dr. Ermett “Doc” Brown can travel to the past and also to the future using a DeLorean Time Machine.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can travel to the future… or at least see it… and if we don’t like it… we can go back to the present… make the necessary adjustments… to create the future we really want?

That would be great, isn’t it?

This may confuse some of you but let me tell you this,

“You already have the super power to predict your future.” 

Let me explain in a while. But first, answer the following questions honestly…

  • If you have the “Super Power” to see your future and then go back to the present time to do what’s right and limit your mistakes, do you think you will do better in life?
  • If you possess this super ability, do you think you will succeed in life?
  • Do you think you will live your dreams and have the future that you want if you can see and predict what will happen?

My answers to those questions are yes, yes, yes but also no, no, no.

Yes, yes and yes because if you clearly see your future and you focus on achieving your desired results, you will do whatever it takes to become successful. You will continue to learn and develop successful habits in order to achieve your goals.

No, no and no because you don’t have to fantasize, wish and wait for a miracle for you to have “super power” to see and predict the future.

Why? Because you already have it! Yes, you have the “super power” to see and predict your future.

I believe in what Abraham Lincoln said,

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

All successful people see their future long before it happen. They take responsibility for their actions. They create their own future.

Yes, bad things happen. There are things we can’t control. That is why we must focus only on the things we can control.

Successful people don’t wait and wish for the wind to change, they adjust the sail and move on. They predict their future by creating it.


You have the power… use it!

You have the power to predict your future. Don’t give it away. Most people just react on what life throws at them, they just go with the flow.

I know you’re not one of them. You are willing to lead yourself and change your story by creating the life that you want.


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  • Constanza Oller de Moore April 14, 2014, 10:24 PM

    Buddhist often say “we are the architects of our own destiny” So I agree I think you might have to create opportunities and build your own future, while other might sit and wait for thing to happen, I rather be and actor in my play than another spectator.

    • Janrey Cantos April 15, 2014, 7:03 PM

      Great insight Constanza, an actor rather than an spectator. We are responsible for our own outcome. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

  • Kathy Herren April 14, 2014, 10:54 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • Angel Balichowski April 15, 2014, 12:04 PM

    Great post, I totally agree! Focusing on your vision daily will take you amazing places :)

  • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons April 15, 2014, 5:09 PM

    great post! I would love to have this superpowers but i guess it is not a good idea. heh I will get scared. I would love to fly or be invisible hehe

  • Julie Syl Kalungi July 1, 2015, 6:27 PM

    We create our own reality by the decisions we make. Inaction is a decision, a debilitating one. And Yes wrong action can be just as bad but at least action is taken. We create our own Crystal ball s to speak…
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Janrey July 2, 2015, 8:36 AM

      You nailed it Julie. I couldn’t agree more to what you said.

  • GothicGamer August 31, 2015, 3:10 AM

    I have this power but it comes twice a mouth and im pretty sure i cant make my own future!……. :( i hope i can predict the future all the time and hopefully make my own future and live it with my friends! :)

  • flaminbacca November 7, 2016, 12:03 PM

    I don’t know what this exactly is (because i didn’t read it) but all i know is that i want to get the fact out that i can, well “see” MY future.
    If you don’t believe me, well you just don’t believe me. Anyway, if you do and your curious how; what i think happens is i get these visions while i’m sleeping or something in that nature, and i get ether a photo or a “clip” (like a video) and i also hear sound but, right now i’m starting to FEEL my visions too and my latest vision was earlier and i was about to take a bath and i was eating skittles (don’t judge me).
    Anyway, after every vision, I CAN’T REMEMBER IT!!!!!
    Your probably like “How do you know if you have visions if you cant remember them?” well, whenever the time of the vision comes, the memory comes like a snap. That’s how i know this.
    This is all weird to me and i’m trying to understand it, and once again if you don’t believe me, you just don’t. I’f you do, thank you.

    P.S. I’m an 11 year old boy.

  • mark April 26, 2017, 4:58 PM

    Thank you,i learned alot

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