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Why I Live an Active Lifestyle and Why You Should Too

Janrey Apr 27

In this video, I shared the number 1 reason why I do what I do. Kung bakit ako naging runner and triathlete. Why I choose an active lifestyle. I joined running events and triathlons kasi mas namomotivate ako mag training kapag meron akong Challenge or Goal na gustong ma-achieve. Right now, I am training for my first Ironman 70.3 happening in October 25, 2020 (this event was postponed due to pandemic).

The top reason why I choose to be active is for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. With Personal Development comes HAPPINESS.

Everybody wants to be happy and the secret to happiness is PROGRESS. Sabi nga ni Tony Robbins, “Progress equals Happiness”. As long as we experience progress – meaning we grow, we improve, we get better – we will be happy.

Being active and running marathons and joining triathlon races gives me the opportunity to GROW. It provides countless benefits that help me IMPROVE in every area of my life. The benefits is far more than just physical.

I hope you get value out of this video. Kindly share this to your friends who you think would benefit from this.

Thank you for watching!

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